My first time Needle Felting

In 2015 I discovered needle felting.

This obscure art form changed my life. I discovered it from an advert on television, and once I saw it I immediately went out and bought everything I could possibly need to needle felt, without even trying it out first to see if I liked it. Fortunately, I did like it. At the time I was on a Summer break from college and had nothing to do, so I spent each day creating something different.

My felts were terrible at first! Most things just looked like big mounds of wool, but as I tried and tried I seemed to get better and better. If I had a penny for every time I stabbed myself with my needle, I would have the money to buy enough wool to last me a lifetime!


Here are a few images of felts I made over the first few months of my new hobby. The one in the middle right of the photo was one of my first ever, and it wasn’t bad for a beginner, but still not great. One of my more impressive ones is the dragon at the top right of the photo. This took me hours and hours but I wanted it to be perfect. I’m really proud of how it turned out.

The best advice I could offer to a newcomer to needle felting would be: Don’t worry if your creations don’t end up exactly how you had envisioned. Every hobby takes practice and everyone starts in the same place. It’s all about enjoying what you’re doing!

I had always enjoyed being creative, my whole life. I was never good at drawing or painting, but when it came to physically making something, I always had a knack for it. So you can say I was on the crafts side of arts and crafts! This meant when I started needle felting I was just amazed at how I could turn a big ball of wool into something beautiful or at least something that someone could recognise as what I meant it to be!

I think the biggest turn off for people considering starting up needle felting, is how much patience you need. I can be quite an impatient person, but when I start making something, hours can pass and I wouldn’t notice at all! It’s not so much about having patience when you’re doing something you love!

The above pictures are a little documentation of how many iterations it takes to make a final product. With that particular project (a vulpix) I started with the torso and then made the back legs. Limbs are incredibly difficult for me, because of how much thinner they are so there is less wool to work with. After the back legs I did the tail, the rest of the legs and eventually got the head on. This project took me a long, long time as it was for my brother and I wanted to do a really good job on it for him.


All in all, I would definitely recommend needle felting as a hobby to anyone who enjoys crafting or creating in general. It’s not something anybody can do, I think you might have to have a predisposition for being creative. If you are interested in starting up, I get my supplies from The wool shop. They ship to most places over the globe and the prices are very reasonable so consider checking them out if you are a first timer or a veteran felter!

Thanks for reading!



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