Needle Felting for beginners

Are you interested in taking up needle felting, but feel daunted when looking at tutorials and photos online? Well there’s no need to worry, everyone starts at the same place. For Me, I saw someone needle felting in an advert on television and thought it looked great! My first few were pretty terrible but with practice I got better, and so can you.

What you need and where to get them

To start things off, you will need a special needle felting needle, some felting wool and a felting mat. The mat isn’t completely necessary but if you plan to make a lot of things then it helps a lot. There are a few other fancy bits a pieces you can get like a pen shaped device that holds multiple needles for faster felting, but these are up to you to decide if you need them. A thimble could prove useful too!

These tools can be bought online for very cheap. You can follow the links above to check out where I get them from, and see the collection of different colour wools available.


Once you have the tools

Try to find a picture or an idea that looks simple enough. My first try was a small heart. Bunch the wool up in you hand and brace yourself to be stabbed a lot because it’s going to happen! Try to bunch the wool up into the general shape it’s going to be, and just start stabbing it. If you condense the wool yourself in your hand it will take shape faster.

So just keep stabbing until you’re happy with the shape and that basically it! When it comes to joining 2 pieces together, I find it easier to leave the spaces that will connect the 2 pieces to be fluffier and not felted as much. This leaves enough leeway for when you need to felt them together, otherwise you would over felt them and they will look dented or just odd altogether. You can see this in the photo of the legs I made above.


My advice

Practice makes almost perfect. Don’t stress if your felt doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to. It not going to for quite some time unless you have a natural gift for needle felting. So if you enjoy it, keep at it! I like to listen to podcasts or watch videos while I felt because it takes so dang long… And I love doing it! So enjoy and good luck!

Thanks for reading.



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