Needle felted dinosaur (Peppa pig)

For those of you who watch Peppa pig, whether it’s your choice or your child’s, you know who George’s dinosaur is.

My boss’ son turned 3 this Sunday and I was told he is an avid fan of Peppa pig, and particularly enjoyed episodes that involved George and his dinosaur.

The things I used were 2 shades of green wool, light blue, and yellow wool. Also a small bit of white and black wool for the eyes. And for the arms and legs I used craft wire to keep them strong. I got all my wool from the wool shop and wire from cork art supplies.

I was concerned with how 2D he is, but this ended up making the process much easier than usual. So much time is usually sunk into bulking up the felt, but that was all bypassed here.

It took a few hours to get to the above photo. A good way to felt 2D shapes is to hold the felt and the needle between your fingers tightly and felt as usual. This keeps the wool condensed helping you work through it faster. If you are making a 3D shape this method will only elongate the process.

The more googly the eyes look the better, really. This project is actually very easy because it’s meant to look silly so if you make mistakes it only adds to it.

For the arms and legs I got some wire that is usually used with clay modelling, wrapped the dark green wool around it and felted it until it felt strong and that it will not move. To attach it to the body I used a hot glue gun on the end of the wire I left exposed and put it into a hole in the body I made with the needle. 

I used the wire so the legs could support the body but also so they can be bent and re-shapen.

All that’s left is the little teeth and spikes on his back and it’s done! I hope it’s a good birthday present!


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