Link Halloween Costume: Arm Guard

This is the second part of my Halloween costume series, to read how I created Link’s hat click here.

So, the materials I used for the arm guard were craft foam, brown acrylic paint, elastic, a hot glue gun and needle & thread. Im sure there are other ways to make this if you cant get access to all of these items.

First thing I did was cut the piece from the craft foam in the shape I wanted it, then drew the details onto another sheet of craft foam to cut them out also.

Get your hot glue gun ready because this took me quite some time. You need to cut around the pink shape above 1 more time to outline the arm guard, that is if you want a raised outline like mine has. I burned myself a few times at this point so be careful out there. After you have the shapes glued on it should look like Link’s except probably the wrong colour.

Throw on some brown paint and when it’s dry either sew on elastic to the inside or maybe attach Velcro to it and voila! It should look cool, even if there are some mistakes here and there, It gives it character so don’t worry!

I will probably give mine another coat of paint in the coming weeks but even if I leave it, it still looks cool I think.

Thanks for reading! Next part is gonna be on the master sword so click here if you want to see how I made it.


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