Link Halloween costume: Hat

As Summer comes to a close and Autumn starts to set in, most people are feeling down about the change in weather. I, however, am only thinking about what comes next: Halloween!

Every year I try to dress up as something fun and make as much of the costume as I can. Last year I was Lara Croft equipped with a bow I made from sticks I got from my garden, and an elastic band. It broke a few days before Halloween so I had to hot glue gun it back together, but it all worked out in the end!

This year I was wondering who I could dress up as, (preferably someone with short blonde hair to match mine and result in less work on my part) and I decided on Link from the Legend of Zelda! It was between him and Cersei Lanister from Game of Thrones and Link definitely won! Maybe next year Cersei…

So, because it’s still August, I have a lot of time to get the costume ready. As of writing this I have the hat, the scabbard and arm guard finished and the sword almost ready. In this blog I’ll take you through how I made the hat. I absentmindedly forgot to take photos of the process so you’ll have to use a bit of your imagination on this one, sorry!

The best way to go about making a costume is to visit a lot of charity shops. You can find some gems in there sometimes and for very cheap, and whatever you pay is going to a good cause so everybody wins! I visited a charity shop who raises money for the local elderly care facility, and found a green cardigan for €3. As you can see from the photo above, it no longer looks like a cardigan.

First thing to do is measure your head from your hairline in front to where a beanie would naturally sit on the back of your head. Mine was just under 22 inches so I cut out 2 (very long) triangles out of the cardigan with a 12 inch base. With both sides together they will be 24 inches but the seams will lose some length when sewing them together. The long sides don’t matter too much as long as it ends up sagging like links hat does.

So at this point I had 2 long matching triangle shaped cardigan pieces. I used a sewing machine for this next part but it can be hand sewn too. So pin one side of a triangle to the other one so that it’s all in a straight line and ready to be sewn. Make sure to sew with it inside out so the seam stays on the inside like the photo below I got from spoonflower.com

If you sew it like this for both sides you’ll  (hopefully) end up with a hat looking  type thing. I found this process to be quite easy and there’s not much to it in the end. You can add on more if you’d like but I’m going to keep my hat plain and simple.

Next I’m going to go through how I made an arm guard with you. Click here to see how I made it.

Thanks for reading!


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