Link Halloween Costume: Sword

This is the third installment of my Halloween costume series. I have written on how to make Link’s hat and his arm guard so far.

First, I must say, I am not a professional at all. I just like to make things in my spare time. This sword doesn’t end up looking like a shiny steel sword or anything, it’s just a bit of fun. The process of making the master sword took me some time and gave me many burns from my trusty hot glue gun. You’re going to need a lot of cardboard, your own trusty hot glue gun(or normal glue), newspaper or something to that affect such as kitchen paper, and to make the paper mache paste you can either use 3/4 white glue to 1/4 water OR 1 part flour to 1 part water. After that you can paint the sword however you want.

Just like the making of Link’s hat I, again, forgot to take photos of the beginning of the process, so you will have to use more of your imagination… Sorry!

To begin, I cut out 2 identical strips from the cardboard, with pointed ends. This would be the flat side of the blade. make these as long and wide as you want the sword to be.

Untitled-1Next thing to cut out is 2 strips about an inch or 2 wide and as long as the first piece without the pointed end. These 2 pieces will be the “sharp edge” of the sword. Obviously it won’t be sharp but it’s the easiest way to explain. Refer to the photo to the left if you’re not sure where I mean. Next thing to cut out are 2 strips the length of the points, so the top most cardboard between 2 points you see to the left. The purpose of all this is to create a hollow sword with no gaps, so that means a lot of strips bulking it out. Do these steps for both sides and use preferably a hot glue gun, but regular glue should work alright, and stick all these pieces together so it looks like the photo to the left. You will have a gap at the bottom, the hilt of the sword will go here along with some fancy bits off to the side to mirror the master sword.

The same method is used to make the hilt, just cut out 4 strips of maybe inch or 2 wide cardboard and as long as you want the hilt to


be. glue them all together to make a hollow cuboid. Once you glue this to the bottom of the blade it should look like a sword. From the photo to the right you can see what the sword will look like up to this point but with sword’s fancy cross guard. This part was the most difficult of all because of the many small pieces in it. Cut out the arch-like shape 4 times in cardboard, 2 for each side. Then begin cutting out the small pieces to go in between the 2 arches on each side and connect them. I made approximately 8 small pieces of cardboard for this part. This should take some time but once it’s done the sword will be finished (except for the paper machè and paint)!




Once the glue has completely set and your sword is looking master-y you can start on the paper machè. This process needs a glue and water mixture that you paint onto newspaper spread all over the sword. This will dry strong and smooths out all the harsh cardboard lines. Use small pieces of newspaper to mitigate any ripping while the glue dries. Keep layering the newspaper and painting over it until it’s completely covered and dry. It will probably dry overnight as it takes quite some time, when you’re sure it’s dry either layer some more on to strengthen it or start the painting!



The painting is up to you and how you want it to look, I tried to make mine look like Link’s master sword. I’m not the best painter so it’s looking a bit shabby at the moment, but I’ll keep going over it, as I said earlier, I have a lot of time before Halloween comes around.

Thanks for reading! If  you’re interested,  click here to see how I made Link’s hat, or here for his arm guard.


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