iPad Pro Art: My drawings

As someone who holds android close to their heart, I surprised myself even when  I decided to get an iPad. “Decided” isn’t really the correct term though. Basically, my friend told me they had a discount on them and within maybe, half an hour, I went from never considering getting an iPad, to having paid for it and eagerly awaiting it’s delivery.


It was delivered the next day, to my delight, and I had the whole weekend to play around with it. I was mostly looking forward to watching videos and movies on the wider screen (10.5 inches), but that’s probably the feature I make use of the least. When I was looking at the iPad online I saw the Apple Pencil, and conveniently my friend had a discount on those too so I threw that into my basket also. For something seemingly incredibly overpriced, I am so glad I got it. I have never been able to draw or paint on paper, but since I got the iPad I have been drawing things I never thought I would be able to create. I’m still learning though. Currently I have to have a picture of whatever I’m drawing beside me so I can reference it every 2 seconds. Otherwise, I would be useless.


The software I use is called Adobe Sketch. So far it has been free but judging from other Adobe software, I am skeptical that it will stay that way. But for now, it has all the tools I need really. You can choose whatever tool you want to use and even draw in real life and scan the brush stroke onto Sketch to use there! I haven’t done this yet so I can’t say for sure how it will turn out but it’s a very cool idea all the same. Other software is available for free or for a price if anyone is interested in shopping around. All I have used so far is Sketch so I can’t speak for any others but I have seen adobe illustrator being used on an iPad also, here is a link to an article that discusses the benefits of each. Maybe I will try some more software out in the future.


The Apple Pencil connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, and is only compatible with the iPad Pro. The pencil is pressure sensitive, so if you lightly brush over the virtual canvas with a pencil selected, it leaves only a light shade behind. Whereas if you lean down slightly on it while drawing across, it will come out darker as if it were a real pencil. The same is applied to paint brushes, markers, chalk etc. It’s really very impressive and you can get some really nice work out of it in the end. It’s battery lasts a long time in my opinion, I only plug it into the iPad for a few hours every 3 days approximately, and then it’s fine to use again for the next few days. Maybe if someone is using it at work for 8 hours it might become an issue, as it can’t be used while it charges. Apple have said that it charges faster while plugged into the iPad than if it were plugged into a lightning charger, I read that 15 seconds of charging in the iPad should last half an hour! Which is great when you sit down to do some work and you find the Pencil dead.



All in all, the price of the iPad Pro is only worth the value depending on how you will use it. I, for instance, use it everyday to draw in my free time and also for an animation assignment I am doing at the moment. Then I watch videos and movies on it with the bigger screen, and finally I use it to view notes from my lecturers while I’m in class, rather than printing them out each time.


Thanks for reading! I hope this information helps anyone on the fence about whether to get an iPad Pro or not.


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